Reality Check.

I pulled out the laptop. Suspicions confirmed. I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Funny, my husband who had designed a webpage for a record label he ran 10 years ago also has no idea what I’m doing. I think his attempt to help me decompensated at him trying to understand the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org and my attempting to explain why at the time I thought it was better to go ahead and purchase my domain and use wordpress.org. “Setup a blog in 10 minutes” they said. “No experience needed” they said. Plenty of pages for walking through with beginners no background, google said.

Shenanigans I say.

I decided to reveal my fledgling blog in the hopes he might help somewhat. And since I haven’t had and viewers/readers/visitors and since I was still trying to figure out what I was doing my husband was unaware of my attempt. I became ultimately frustrated after installing a new theme (screenshot below) that I thought looked so fancy and pretty… only to find that it would no longer display my images. I could display images as a gallery setting, but not as an image. As husband was explaining again (repeat conversation from 10 years ago) “A HREF” and how to link an image from html we discovered that this is a whole different animal than he was familiar with.

I guess since I’ve purchased hosting and domain, I’ve also decided I have a new hobby of learning to build these pages and learning about CSS – huh? CSS? I knew a LITTLE about html and then there was Java which I knew nothing about and now CSS? Oh Lawdy. Help me.

So, I have a decidedly simpler, more boring, less visually stimulating design than I had wanted. I can’t customize the way I intended. I guess the content will have to speak for itself (or not… in which case I will continue my personal diary to myself).

Instead of taking pictures of our first major frost today I just may be reading “WordPress 101” tutorials.

Happy new year. Says I with completely flat vocal inflection.


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