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If you spend your whole life documenting it when are you living it?

I realized I’ve put off writing anything because I don’t have any current photos to accompany what I’m writing (and I’m still using the ipad – just haven’t been motivated enough to break out the computer). And that got me thinking on something I’ve considered before.

Discussion likely started with my husband; we came to notice a trend of people who had great photos of events or times in his past (he was around for some good counter culture moments). And he would ask, who are these people? I never heard of them? Or say something like “I didn’t have the time or foresight for pictures we were too busy living it! We never thought people would be looking back like this later.” And to me, that rings true today.

Now if you’re a photographer by trade, I get it. But for the rest of us I often wonder about this. I definitely don’t carry my good camera around (especially not out doing any dirty farmy work) and my phone stays inside at home (it doesn’t get signal, a blessing in disguise). In making a conscious effort to put the technology down and be more present at other times I find that I forget about it altogether. That, or I feel somewhat guilty if me and my husband are enjoying a walk and I tell him to stop while I get some good shots. Good shots for who? I’m not going to publish any of this and I’ll be luckily to get a few likes on Instagram.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken my fair share selfies. But I also realize this was a solitary indulgence. I did it when I was alone. Not with friends, not with my husband and I would have felt weird if I did. And I do take a selfie now and then (still alone). And I enjoyed taking arty or interesting pictures, but that too was a better activity for alone time, on lunch breaks or work commutes or when my husband worked swing and I worked day. It seems though that as my life becomes fuller I think of these ways to occupy myself less often. I still have plenty of “alone time” but not really. I can hear husband hammering in the shop or I have chickens to give treats to. My life is richer and I don’t feel myself reaching for the camera when what’s going on around me is all the fulfillment I need.

Here’s the flip side to this discussion; I’m a little jealous of people who can flip through albums to remember their whole life (both me and my husband have few photos of childhood or teen years). And I often wonder and wish I could do a better job documenting the changes in our life and around the “farm”, if just for comparisons sake.

So there you have why this may not be the most beautifully photo full blog. I’m too busy living sometimes, even if that living is a sun bath on the couch or sitting in the grass watching my ducks for 45 minutes.

Lastly, below is a photo of my project for two days. All the edging on the garage wall we replaced. Gotta get in all the dry work before the rains come full force!